Frequently-Asked Questions : Transactions

Moving from page to page in a list of transactions

On the “Transaction History” screen, there are two places to help you move between pages of transactions. Just below and to the right of the “Search Transactions” box, there are boxes containing the words “Next”, “Previous”, “Go to page ...”. There are other boxes containing numbers. These are the links you can click on to navigate from page to page.

There is a similar set of boxes at the very bottom of the list of transactions on the “Transaction History” page.

To move to the next page of transactions, click on the “Next” box. To move to the previous page, click on the “Previous” box. The page that you are currently viewing is highlighted in one boxes containing numbers.

To move to a specific page number, click on the page number in one of the boxes containing numbers. That page of transactions will be displayed.

If the page number you wish to navigate to is not shown or you want to enter the number of a specific page to view, click the “Go to page…” box and enter the page number you would like to view. Then press “Enter”. That page of transactions will be displayed.