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Since 2005, the Goldenwest President’s Club has rewarded our loyal members with higher rates on Certificates of Deposit. We are pleased to announce increased benefits for members of the Goldenwest President’s Club program. All members with $50,000 or more on deposit1 with the Credit Union are eligible for President’s Club benefits.

Earn up to a 0.25% CD Bump. Here's how:
Required Deposit Balances ($50,000+)1 0.10% Bump
Checking account with monthly direct deposit2 0.05% Bump
Active Visa Credit Card3 0.05% Bump
Annual Financial & Insurance Review4 0.05% Bump

By joining the President’s Club, you will have access to many select benefits, including:

  • Checks deposited on the account up to $25,000 will not be subject to a hold5
  • Free home appraisal with reverse mortgage
  • Unlimited free checks
  • Safe deposit box discount
  • Medallion stamp service

There are no membership fees to participate in the President’s Club. Your President’s Club benefits will remain valid as your aggregate deposit balances remains at $50,000 or greater.

To receive these benefits, opt-in to the President’s Club by visiting any Goldenwest Credit Union, USU Credit Union, or Healthcare Credit Union branch location. Or, call the Member Contact Center at 800-283-4550.

Rate bumps on Certificates of Deposit (CDs) will be available on eligible CDs defined as new CDs opened on or after January 1, 2019 and CDs renewing at maturity on or after January 1, 2019. 1Members with $50,000 or more on deposit in Goldenwest CDs, Insured Money Market Accounts, IRAs and/or Share Savings Accounts are eligible for President’s Club benefits and will receive a 0.10% APY increase on eligible CDs. 2President’s Club members with direct deposit into a Goldenwest checking account or three transactions per month on the Goldenwest checking account can earn an additional 0.05% on CDs. 3President’s Club members with an open credit line with a Goldenwest Visa Credit Card can earn an additional 0.05% APY on CDs. 4President’s Club members who attend a Goldenwest Financial/Insurance review with a licensed agent at a Goldenwest Credit Union, USU Credit Union or Healthcare Credit Union office, or attend a financial services seminar, can earn an additional 0.05% APY. President’s Club members that meet all the above qualifications will receive a total of 0.25% APY on CDs 5Checks equal to or less than $25,000 deposited to the President’s Club account will not be subject to a hold. Checking account benefits available for primary and qualifying joint account holders only. Some restrictions may apply. Terms subject to change. Member NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.