At USU Credit Union, the security of your online information is important to us.

You can rest assured that nobody outside of USU Credit Union has access to your account information.

Signing on to view your account information from the USU Credit Union Home Page is safe. The moment you click the "Sign In" button, your account number and password are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, keeping your account information secure.

USU Credit Union Respects Your Privacy

Goldenwest Credit Union will never reach out to you to request personal or account information over the phone or by email. This type of sensitive information includes: Account Number, PIN, Social Security Number, Online Banking Credentials, Security Codes, or Card Numbers. If you have received a suspicious call in order to verify information of this nature, please contact us right away at 1-800-293-4550.

Security Notices

Phishing Email Aimed at Stealing Member Credentials

Reported 12/5/2018

Goldenwest Credit Union has discovered a new phishing attack against our members. Members have reported receiving fake emails directing them to the website See a copy of the email below. The fraudster is spoofing our email address to appear as though it is coming from Goldenwest, but it is not. Goldenwest will never notify you by email if your online banking was suspended. Goldenwest recommends never clicking links in emails to sign into accounts. This site is not hosted or owned by Goldenwest Credit Union. The site is designed to look like Goldenwest's online branch in order to lure members into giving away usernames and passwords. Before you enter your credential's into any website, make sure it has the correct URL. Goldenwest uses the URL "". The is the most important piece as that is the domain that Goldenwest owns the rights to use. Also look for https as that indicates your credentials are encrypted while traveling to our servers. If you are concerned about your account, please go directly to home page and sign in from there and feel free to give our contact center a call at 1-800-293-4550.

Below are screenshots of the fake website and Goldenwest's real online banking website. Notice that Goldenwest does not request your password at the same time as your username. Instead you are directed to the next screen which includes your "security phrase" and "security picture". You should always verify that your phrase and picture match before entering in your password. We use this feature to combat the very attack that this notice is about.

Phishing email Fake gwcu website Real gwcu website continued login screen

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How to Report Suspicious Activity

If you have received a suspicious e-mail or other fraudulent correspondence regarding USU Credit Union, please forward it to