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Auto Insurance Checklist for Road Trips

August 3, 2023

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If you are heading out on a road trip, you probably take time schedule an oil change, make sure you have proper fluid levels, and the check the air pressure in your tires. But do you review your insurance policies on your vehicles?

We suggest that you add a quick auto insurance review to your road trip checklist. First and foremost, confirm that there has not been a lapse in coverage on your vehicles and that any upcoming renewals are taken care of before you head out on the open road.

Next, check your policy so you are aware of your coverages should you need them, along with corresponding deductibles. For example, should your car experience a mechanical issue, does your insurance include towing coverage or roadside assistance?

When towing recreational vehicles, each trailer, boat, and RV requires its own policy if you want full coverage. Your personal auto insurance could extend to provide liability insurance for a hitched-up trailer or car-in-tow, but do not make assumptions about your coverages that may cost you later. Speak with your personal agent before your road trip to help you determine if the vehicles you are towing are properly insured.

If your plans include taking a car into Canada or Mexico, make sure you have the proper documentation for your vehicle to cross the border. Most auto insurance carriers will extend your coverage through Canada. In Mexico, your policy likely will not cover you for third party liability, so may could need to purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy to be properly covered while driving your vehicle south of the border. Your agent can provide you with information regarding specific coverages of your policy when taking your car into a foreign country. Keep in mind that your lender may also have special requirements for taking a vehicle across the U.S. border.

When you and your friends plan on taking turns while driving on a road trip, remember that auto insurance follows the vehicle. If your car is the vehicle being driven, then your insurance policy provides the coverage. Anyone who has your permission to drive your car is considered a covered driver under your policy.

Most insurance carriers have free mobile apps for their clients to help them manage their accounts. Within the app, you can easily contact your agent, access your ID cards, review policy documents, upload photos of vehicle damage, and make a claim if needed. If you decide not to download the app for your insurance carrier, make sure your proof of insurance is located in a safe place in your car.

Road trips to new places or heading out to your favorite camping spot can be great fun. The insurance experts at Goldenwest Credit Union can help give you peace of mind that your vehicles are properly covered before heading out on the road. To learn more about getting the proper coverage for your vehicles before you head out on your next road trip, contact the local insurance experts at Goldenwest Insurance Services at 888-853-8992. They’ll take care of you!


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