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Self Service at the Branch

August 15, 2016

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Over the past several years, Credit Union members have quickly adopted online and mobile technology to conduct transactions with their computers or smart phones. But when you walk into a branch, the experience has been seemingly unchanged for many decades. Until now.

The new USU Credit Union “Welcome Center” branch on the Utah State University campus features In-Lobby Teller, or ILT, technology. USU Credit Union refers to these machines as “Personal Tellers”.

We’ve become accustomed to self check-out at the grocery store, and self check-in at the airline counter. In fact, many of us prefer the quick-and-easy, do-it-yourself option for routine transactions. Personal Teller technology is modeled after the self-service grocery store and airline counter platforms.

The Personal Teller machines offer a streamlined, user-friendly alternative to completing transactions a traditional teller line. Think of Personal Tellers as the USU Credit Union equivalent of an express lane. Personal Tellers are able to accept large amounts of bills or checks at once. And, unlike a traditional ATM, the Personal Teller machines offer a variety of dollar bill denominations. They also allow access to USU Credit Union’s Shared Branching network, which is a perk offered to all members via a simple, one-time opt-in enrollment.

The USU Credit Union “Welcome Center” branch is located at 890 East 700 North in the heart of the Utah State University campus in Logan, and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. A walk-up ATM is available on the exterior of the branch to provide Credit Union services to students, faculty and staff 24/7. USU Credit Union is a division of Goldenwest.


• Lines move faster, reducing wait times.
• Ability to process wide spectrum of transaction types.
• Accepts deposits of a large number of bills and checks at once.
• Withdraw various denominations of bills including $1s, $5s, $20s, and $100s.


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