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by Kerry Wahlen, President/CEO

Celebrating 60 Years!

September 21, 2017

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David Butterfield

David Butterfield
USU Credit Union Division President

This December marks our 60th Anniversary. USU Credit Union was founded on the campus of Utah State University in 1957 by two economics professors to provide banking services for USU employees and their families. In 1978, after more than 20 years, the Credit Union moved off campus and eventually began to serve a wider field of membership.

In the decades that have ensued since our founding in 1957, much has changed. The world is a different place and, for better or worse, our lives are busier and more complex. USU Credit Union has kept pace with these changes and today we offer a full range of services from mobile and online banking to Card Controls for your Visa to insurance and retirement services. Our goal is to empower you while making your life easier.

As students return to school this fall to continue their studies and education, we encourage parents and students to spend time furthering your knowledge in personal finance and preparedness for life. The financial tools and services the Credit Union offers can empower you to take advantage of life opportunities. However, poor financial planning and bad decisions can have destructive consequences for years to come. The key is to understand how money and credit can work to your advantage as well as the associated obligations.

Utah high school students are required to take a financial literacy class and pass a test. Spend time discussing with your student responsible money habits and planning. The Credit Union also offers free financial wellness counseling and debt management services for all our members.

Parents and students alike have sometimes acquired an aversion to credit cards; however, when used responsibly, credit cards are a great way to build credit and good money habits. We offer modest limit credit cards for students with little or no credit. I would strongly advise students and all young people to begin building their credit and good money habits with a Visa Card from USU Credit Union.


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