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by Kerry Wahlen, President/CEO

Golden Rewards: A New Standard in Savings

January 10, 2024

In the rapidly evolving economic landscape, you need a trusted financial institution that you can depend on to protect and build your savings. I am pleased to announce that Goldenwest Credit Union’s new and innovative Golden Rewards program is reshaping the way our members experience savings. Rich with rewards and benefits, Golden Rewards is providing a higher return to our members than ever recorded in our 88-year history as a credit union.

The central element of our Golden Rewards program is the FREE Gold Account for both consumer and business accounts, paying an impressive 6.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The Gold Account is designed as a versatile savings tool that steadily builds over time, allowing your funds to grow consistently. Opening this account is as simple as becoming a member, and the benefits that follow are truly unparalleled. What’s more, you have the flexibility to withdraw the funds in your Gold Account whenever you need them or let the savings and earnings grow for as long as you wish. When speaking with members about the benefits of the Golden Rewards program, I have encouraged them to use the Gold Account as a reliable emergency fund for unexpected expenses or to help pay for events that celebrate special occasions.

One of the defining features of the Golden Rewards program is Round Up Rewards on our Visa debit cards. When you opt-in to Round Up Rewards, our program automatically rounds up your debit card purchase transactions to the nearest dollar and directly deposits the funds into your Gold Account earning 6.00% APY. This simple yet effective strategy ensures that no spare change is lost – instead, it’s invested in your financial future.

The benefits of the Golden Rewards program are also extended to our Visa credit cardholders. Members enjoying cash back on their Visa credit card purchases will now have those funds deposited directly into their Gold Account, earning 6.00% APY. The synergy between spending and saving has never been more rewarding.

Our commitment to maximizing benefits for our members doesn’t stop there. Golden Rewards also includes special money-earning promotions throughout the year into your Gold Account. And, beginning in December 2024, the year-end “Golden Bonus Dividend” will be deposited into your Gold Account. The generous annual bonus dividend coupled with an impressive 6.00% APY is another demonstration of our commitment to our members’ financial well-being.

Joining Goldenwest and participating in the Golden Rewards program goes beyond just experiencing enhanced savings – it means becoming a member of a Credit Union that highly values each individual. Our commitment to offering affordable and convenient ways for saving in a high-yield account reflects our dedication to the Credit Union philosophy of “People Helping People.”

If you’re searching for a financial institution that delivers convenient and rewarding methods to build your savings, Goldenwest Credit Union and our Golden Rewards program are the ideal choice. With a Gold Account earning 6.00% APY, Round Up Rewards on debit card transactions, cash back on credit cards, annual bonus dividends, and special promotions, your financial future has never looked brighter. Join Goldenwest today and watch your savings grow, one rewarding experience at a time.


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