Visa Credit Cards Accepted at Smith's

Beginning November 1, 2019, Smith’s grocery stores will once again accept all Visa credit cards as a form of payment. You can also use your Visa credit card for Smith’s online orders.

And just in time for the holiday shopping season, members with Goldenwest Visa Rewards credit cards will earn triple Extra Awards points on purchases throughout November and December. To earn even more Extra Awards points on Visa credit and debit purchases, open a Reward Yourself Checking account.

Smith’s will also continue to accept Visa debit cards as a form of payment. To earn Extra Awards points with your Goldenwest Visa debit card, push the green button on the Smith’s payment terminal. At the gas pump, you can process your Visa debit card as a signature-based transaction by selecting “yes” when the screen asks if you are using a credit card. Goldenwest members earn one Extra Awards point for every $4 spent on signature-based debit card transactions. You can double your points with a Reward Yourself Checking account, which qualifies you to earn two Extra Awards points for every $4 in signature-based debit card transactions.

If you have questions about Goldenwest Visa credit and debit cards, call our Member Contact Center at 800-283-4550 or visit any branch location.

Published November 1, 2019